Saturday, December 29, 2012

JLI: Justice League of Israel

In response to my previous tweet and after consultation with Mordechai Luchins, here they are: Reuben is Martian Manhunter (firstborn, red rock, anti-fire); Simeon (archer of Gen. 49:23 and ladies' man) is Green Arrow and bejeweled Levi is Green Lantern (they rescue Dinah/ Black Canary); Judah (rich, wise, fierce) is Batman, who gets conned by sultry thief Catwoman/ Tamar); Issachar (studious, industrious) is Blue Beetle; Zebulon (strength from the sea, saved by fish) is Aquaman; Joseph (Egyptian prince, stranger in a foreign land) is Hawkman (and Asenath, Hawkgirl); Benjamin (orphan, last of his kind, solitary, but the first to rule) is Superman; Dan (brings a mystical object out of Egypt, his only vulnerability is his wife, and if you bare his head--he loses his power) is Dr. Fate; Naphtali is the Flash; Gad ("crouches like a lioness, then tears off the arm and head; Elijah's from Gad--immortal truth-seeker with a magic flying machine) Wonder Woman; and Asher (oil-rich, sealed in brass and iron) is Rocket Red.

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  1. This made me laugh even though I don't know all that much about the Justice League. Nice work. But what does that make Ya'akov?