Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun days!

We've been having some fun days with Hanani.

On Erev Lag B'omer I took Hanani to the park to play.  On the way home we saw a bonfire from one of the local ganim.

On Lag B'omer itself, we picked up Hanani up from mishpacton and we all went to march in the Chabad Mosiach parade.  It was a little bizarre.  They didn't succeed in getting any neighborhood children to join, but Hanani liked waving the mosiach flag.

Then we went to the park where they gave the kids ice pops and chips and Hanani liked that until he finished eating.  Then after some more play in the park, we convinced him it was time to go home.

Yesterday Hanani and I went to a different park.  Hanani can now walk across the rope ladder.  His balance is impressive.

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