Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Not much is new and exciting around here.

Hanani was sick last week, but is back to 100% now.

Hanani and I have been going to the park everyday lately after I pick him up. He loves it, but the most important thing to him is "where is the food?" He goes through my bag looking for snacks. If he doesn't like what I brought, he gets angry. Yesterday we had to leave the park after he finished all the food since he was still hungry so he wanted to go home for more.

This week we registered him for gan for next year. We went with Gan Amalya. We love that it is so close to our home (a 5-7 minute walk I'm guessing). It is a Hebrew speaking gan. I'm excited that he will start speaking Hebrew. It's hard to imagine because he still doesn't speak much at all.

I'm working this Friday morning at my job in the German Colony. I would appreciate any tips how to cook easy and delicious food quickly for Shabbat since we are having 2 guys from yeshiva as guests + maybe Jonathan.

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